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2010 Worst Umpire of the Year: Bob Davidson

Worst Umpire of the Year: Bob Davidson (61)

Bob Davidson is the Umpire Fantasy League's 2010 worst umpire of the year. In his 24th Major League Baseball umpiring season, Davidson finished the 2010 season with a league-high 10 ejections, up one from last season's league ejection leader Bill Hohn (2009's Worst Umpire of the Year), and up three from Davidson's 2009 mark of seven ejections. Davidson was selected as worst umpire not only because of his attitude, but because of his decreased calling accuracy, which, coupled with Davidson's aforementioned attitude, likely led to several of his ejections this season. Davidson officiated three games in which he administered multiple ejections: September 7 (STL-MIL; two ejections [one from each team]), July 20 (BOS-OAK; two ejections [one from each team]), and May 25 (BOS-TB; two ejections [both TB]). Davidson also administered the first ejection of the 2010 Regular Season on April 9 (ATL-SF; one ejection [Bobby Cox]). Notably, Davidson asked Brewers Security to remove an apparently intoxicated Milwaukee fan from the front row of seats behind home plate. The fan had allegedly been yelling inappropriate remarks in the direction of Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina. At issue during Davidson's ejections appear to be his demeanor and body language. One UEFL follower has said, "Davidson looks like he is going to cry when he starts arguing... I just think his body language is unprofessional at times and I can't standddd when he goes into his set on the dish."

Bob Davidson (61) now has 15 points in the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League.

The next postseason award, Most Declining Umpire, will be released overnight.
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