April 21st, 2011

Umpire Pic

UEFL Moving to Blogspot Address

The Umpire Ejection Fantasy League has moved to http://umpireejections.closecallsports.com. Please update your bookmarks.

Not only does our new subdomain name seem a little more baseball oriented, the features and accessibility of the Blogger service are better than those of the Livejournal service.

As for the website's content and ejections, the cascreamindude.livejournal.com website will remain operation for archiving purposes. Beginning with tonight's ejection (Doug Eddings (1)), all UEFL posts - Ejections, Odds & Ends, etc. - will be made to the Close Call Sports website. Note that any challenges pending will be resolved at the CCS location.

This should be a much smoother and easier forum for everyone. Over the coming weeks, we plan to transfer this season's ejections to the new umpireejections.closecallsports.com site, while keeping these same posts in existence at the livejournal site, too.

Please join us at our new location, UmpireEjections.closecallsports.com.

Close Call Sports is dedicated to the objective and fair analysis of close or controversial calls by referees and umpires across all sports. Though the UEFL remains active at our new location, we are pleased to announce that we are expanding beyond baseball at our new location, CloseCallSports.com.