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The Left Field Corner
MLB Umpire Ejection Fantasy League
Umpire of the Year: Mark Wegner 
30th-Oct-2008 11:04 am
Umpire Pic
Umpire of the Year: Mark Wegner (47)

Mark Wegner is the Umpire Fantasy League's 2008 umpire of the year. In his 10th Major League Baseball umpiring season, was selected as the 3B Umpire for the 2008 All Star Game, his first, as well as starting 1B Umpire for the NLDS between the Brewers and the Phillies, his fourth DS and fifth postseason. Wegner finished the 2008 season with five ejections. He is the only umpire in the UFL with five or more ejections to achieve a 100% accuracy score.
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